Reptilian Rhyme

You come in gorgeous colors of cream and white;
You’d rather run away than put up a fight.

You’re a great subject for photography, you hardly ever move.
But you creep most people out, you just don’t fit the groove.

You’re fascinating when you hunt – the way you stalk, then attack.
You’re horrifying when you mate, your clicks, ticks and tacks.

You resist gravity, your motion is extremely fluid.
I see you closing in on an impossible kill, yet you easily do it.

Your curiosity is piqued when I’m idle, you come from crevices and from under the rugs.
You give me company when I’m alone, you help by ridding bugs.

You’re welcoming, you’re omnipresent, you’re there, draught or blizzard.
You disgust everyone and you annoy me, you pesky common house lizard.


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