My TV-show Rhyme

This post was inspired one of the sitcoms I watch
Though it really sucks, the latest episode kicked it up a notch.

The lines rhymed throughout, for you see.
And that, you might know, is right up my alley!

If you’ve watched this episode you might know what it is,
A man narrating a never-ending story to a brother and sis.

Ted is so giving, it’s too hard to bear.
Marshall is tall, and Lily has great red hair!

I have a girl-crush on the prettiest character in,
She’s cute, she’s funny, she’s quite pretty, she’s Robin.

Of course, there’s the standard character who’s always horny.
He’s adorably gay in real life, the legen-waitforit-dary Barney.

There are other stupid shows that I do watch weekly,
It’s especially embarrassing because I don’t watch them on tv.

There’s one about four teenage girls and their one dead friend,
Who turns out to be not so dead in the end.

Hannah has cute dimples, and Emily is gay;
Spencer has so much money, she always gets her way.

The shorts and prettiest of them all is Aria.
The show is spooky, but does it scare ya?

Yet another show is set in some 1980
It features a cute girl, rather dainty.

She’s a goody-two shoes, everyone likes her.
Every woman, every man, every teenager.

The characters are well developed, but not so much the story.
My favorite person would be the annoying little sister Dorrit.

If only she knew what she would go through before she would marry.
Poor little smart, funny, cute, silly Carrie.

Maggie is funky, Walt is gay, Mouse is always in a stew.
Her friends and family always love her, and the bitchy vamp likes her too.

Adults hang out with teenagers like that’s how real life is.
Why does everyone like her so much, mustn’t she have a nemesis?

A series that I’m waiting for isn’t coming till Jan
Do watch it if you haven’t yet and you can.

Hannah’s chubby, smart, and witty.
Marnie’s cute, svelte and pretty.

Jessa is boho, crazy, smooth and cool.
Shoshanna’s an interesting name, and she goes to my old school.

This show, I think, is quite fantastic
Unlike others it’s realistic.

So far it seems I’ve only named shows aimed at women
And believe me, I just realized it; I’m quite the specimen.

But there’s one that is universally adored and gets it just right,
I watch it on Fridays although it airs Thursday night.

Leonard can’t have milk and Penny doesn’t have a last name.
Bromancing with Raj and going into space is Howard’s claim to fame.

Bernadette’s tiny and squeaky, Amy’s awkward and in love;
But everyone places Sheldon miles high above.

His lines are excellent, his character is annoying.
They enlist the help of a professor, to make him all-knowing.

It’s a smart show, though the smartness is very subjective.
But they do get all the laughs, and that is their real objective.

Yet another one I’m waiting for with extreme delight,
Is adapted from books that I know left and right.

The books are written in medieval english, the characters very strong.
Everyone’s a shade of grey: there is no right or wrong.

Arya’s spunky, Tyrion’s smart, and everyone loves Jon Snow.
Sansa’s foolish, Dany’s confused, and nothing does Cersei know.

If you haven’t caught up with the series or read the third book,
Beware, the next greyed verse isn’t for you, don’t you try to look!

The story delivered two great shocks in the form of Robb and Ned,
That’s why I say never like a character – everyone ends up dead.

The show is so strong, it exudes a different aura.
If you really like it, do read my answers on Quora?

I don’t watch even one other show because I don’t have time for it.
Well, that’s just a lie; I know I would I like them, I would become an addict!

After all the work I do in the day’s first half,
It’s nice to wind down with no thought; with the occasional laugh.

Now I’m wrapping this poem up; my dinner is finally set.
I’ve named six series in here, have you figured them out yet?


4 comments on “My TV-show Rhyme

  1. Achyut Bihani

    Luke and Cam delight, but Phil’s not far behind

    Alex and Gloria have Haley, Jay to mind

    Lily’s smart lines have everyone in a fix

    And if this show’d made your list, I’d have four of six.

    1. Sandrova

      Why, you’re quite a rhymer yourself, Achyut.
      This horn of yours you did not toot.
      Is that about Coupling? If so, it’s rather rad.
      But then I think it could be Breaking Bad.

      1. Achyut Bihani

        A tooter of horns I’m most certainly not

        Although this skill of mine is rather hot!

        Why, where else would you find a calm kid called Lily?

        The show, loved by one and all, is Modern Family!

  2. Achyut Bihani

    Luke and Cam delight, but Phil’s not far behind

    Alex and Gloria have Haley, Jay to mind

    Lily’s smart lines put everyone in a fix

    If this show’d made your list (as it should’ve!), I’d have four of six.

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