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3 comments on “Footprints

  1. Ram K

    Hi Sandhya,
    Good morning. I am a great fan of your blog /tweets. The way you write passionately is very inspiring.
    My daughter is 9 year old and I want her to be exactly like you.
    Like you, she is also die hard fan of Harry Potter. ( already read the whole series two times in the last one year). She also learns Piano and is working on her grade 5 exam from Royal Conservatory,Canada. She is also passionate about Greek mythology.she also follows your blog. However, I am worried she may loose it totally due to distractions that age brings up. or “busy with studies” excuse:–)
    I want to help her to lead an interesting life, pretty much like you.
    Can you please write a post on how you developed and still continue your hobbies, kind of books you read growing up, your parent’s contribution on they helped with your hobbies and how they kept you motivated and your own suggestions to parents.

    1. Sandrova

      Hi Ram. How wonderful! This comment was all kinds of flattering, really. I think nine is too young an age to restrict the kind of interests she has and force other prospective hobbies on her. Just make sure she reads whatever she can get her hands on! She might lose interest in my blog at some point, and that is okay, as long as she’s channelling her energies into something else that she’s passionate about. She doesn’t necessarily need to be like me or anyone else just because you want that! Please nurture any interest she might have. The more she experiments, gets bored with, and moves on to newer things, the better she will be able to understand what she is actually really passionate about and wants to invest time in. Unfortunately, it might not be in line with what you or I like at all! 🙂

      But yes, I will eventually write a post about things I like, what I do, and how I grew up. Thank you!

  2. Ram K

    Thanks for the response. Please do write a post about those things.

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