Five Reasons Why There Is No Life On The Sun And It Is The Best Thing Ever



Sandhya Ramesh


1. It is just too big to have a functioning government.








(Image: internet)


2. No protection against UV rays.








(Image: real life)


3. You will never know your age because how will you measure a year.







(Image: science)


4. There is no surface to stand on.










(Image: movie with a man in an orange jumpsuit, most likely Ghostbusters)


5. It’s way too hot.







(Image: some website that’s blocked at my workplace)


I hate Buzzfeed. I have since revised my stance. Turns out I hated Buzzfeed simply because people who shared links shared the kind of links they did. Buzzfeed Science and Buzzfeed Longform are top notch! Buzzfeed India is amaaaaze. Also mad props for their unwavering LGBTQ support and awareness on abuse.

I still hate most science listicles because they’re just sensationalist with no substance.

Please look at these actual sources while I go around hunting for some of those IQ points I just dropped:

Unbelievably huge : (Text added by me)


Jennifer Aniston “thinking” gif: First appearance on in 2014 (Text added by me)

No Surface gif:

Too hot: First appearance on by unknown user.



3 comments on “Five Reasons Why There Is No Life On The Sun And It Is The Best Thing Ever

  1. Karthik

    But considering someone as cool as you, goes near the sun, and freezes it – will you then accept an invitation to ice dancing?

    Asking for an imaginary friend.

    1. Sandrova

      HAHAHA. That’s a total, typical Buzzfeed reader comment. Thanks, K. Yeah, I will. 🙂

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