Eternal Longing

Waiting, watching, wanting every day
I wonder why, but I cannot say.
For something’s amiss, I know not where;
There’s a kind of gloom in the air.

Loving, leaving, loathing every day,
Too disturbed to even pray.
Nothing fascinates to the point of perspiration.
Is there a sudden stroke of inspiration?

Hacking, hating, haunting every day,
The world is suddenly full of grey.
What beauty did eyes previously see,
That now just drown in tireless misery?

Drooping, drowning, dying every day,
“Write to feel better,” they all say.
The shell expands, the brine flows,
Words are nothing but dealt blows.

Singing, sating, sailing every day,
Gone are those days, gone with May.
Disappointment brims, fear creeps,
Ghosts of the past grow in bounds and leaps.

Bending, baiting, breaking every day,
Neither is there sun, nor is there hay.
Darkness consumes the soul like a disease,
Heart cries out for help, loud and please.

Failing, feeling, falling every day,
Numbing the pain, groping for a way.
Life narrows down, pouring through a funnel;
A long way to go to the end of the tunnel.

Moping, masking, marking every day,
Hoping I’d wake up to a new today,
For something’s amiss and I know not where.
There’s a kind of gloom in the air.


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