Blue Bird

The following story was my contribution to the Stories For Thing project. The website contains lovely stories written for an adorable 4-year-old girl by various authors from the Twitterverse. To find out more about the project, visit 


Mama and Dada were sitting in front of the compunitor again. There were four compunitors in the house. There were only three people. Still, Mama and Dada never let Thing use the compunitor.

Thing was very curious. Whenever she passed by a compunitor, she always saw a blue birdie. Sometimes she saw this birdie on Dada’s big phone too. But she never saw it out of her window. Outside only had regular birdies. This birdie was special.

One day, she passed by Mama’s compunitor and saw the birdie wink at her, but when she turned to look back, it disappeared. That night, when Mama and Dada safely tucked her in bed, she immediately closed her eyes and started making motorbike sounds Dada made when he slept. Mama and Dada laughed. “Little one,” they said, “she must have been very tired.”

After Mama and Dada fell asleep, Thing tiptoed out in the dark to the room with compunitors, clutching her teddy close. The biggest one was near her, a red light was blinking. Tightening her grip on Teddy, Thing pushed the big chair back and clambered on it. She faced the big TV and pressed the ON button. Immediately, the compunitor TV came on. She saw a nice photo of a green empty field and blue sky with clouds. She moved the white rat(or was it cat?) near the compunitor and an arrow on the TV started moving. Fascinated, she moved it up and down and left and right.

She noticed, sitting in the corner, was the birdie. She moved the arrow over the birdie. The birdie tweeted and flew around the arrow. She made the arrow chase it, and the birdie kept flying around it. She let go of the white rat and climbed on the chair. She put her face close to the birdie to see if it had eyes. The TV glass felt really cool. And quite suddenly her head just popped through the glass.

The spectacle in front of her was astonishing! She was looking down into a room full of big tables, with lots of compunitors on them. She had never seen so many compunitors in one room. There were many people too, sitting and talking and typing on compunitors. Some were walking and talking. She looked ahead and saw the blue birdie on the wall. It was big. And beside it was written “TWITTER”. She had heard Dada talk about twitter once. Maybe they were Dada’s friends. She counted fourteen people, but then got distracted by two people talking right below her.

“I think I have writer’s block, man. I can’t imagine what to write next.”

“Write about your talking rabbit called Dinky.You’ve been wanting to do that for a long time.”

Thing’s heart started beating fast. They were talking about her!

“Ok, Thing. Here comes your next story,” said the first man, and went back to sit in front of his computer. She pulled her head back happily. This was the room where they wrote stories for her! She smiled to herself and slid off the chair. As she was about to turn the compunitor’s TV off, she saw the blue birdie wink at her. She winked back at it and whispered, “Thank you.”


The next evening, Mama insisted on putting Thing to bed. As she tucked Thing safely inside with her Teddy, she said, “Okay, baby girl. Today, I am going to tell you a story about a big, white talking rabbit and his adventures!”

Thing was so happy! “Is his name Dinky?”

Mama looked surprised. “How did you know that?”

Thing smiled.


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