All roads lead to

I have two interesting theories to share in this short blog post.

Every wikipedia page that you will ever open and click the first link to, will end up in the Philosophy page. The procedure is this:

Open any wikipedia page. Click on the first link that appears in the article description and repeat the process for every page that follows. Wikipedia describes the linking process as

Following the chain consists of:

  1. Clicking on the first non-parenthesized, non-italicized link
  2. Ignoring external links, links to the current page, or red links
  3. Stopping when reaching “Philosophy”, a page with no links or a page that does not exist, or when a loop occurs

I tried it with “podcast”.

Podcast> Digital Media> Electronic Media> Media> Storage> Recording> Data> Level of Measurement> Stanley Smith Stevens> American> Federal> Federalism> Federal headship> Christianity> Monotheistic> Deity> Nature> Phenomenon> Immanual Kant> Germans > Germanic> Indo-European> Language Families> Genetic Relationships> Language> Communication> Information> Sequence> Mathematics> Quantity> Property> Modern Philosophy> Philosophy

Cheese> Food> Plant> Life> Objects> Physics> Natural Science> Nature> .. we know how that goes.

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious> The Walt Disney Company> Multinational Corporation> Corporation> Separate Legal Entity> United States> Federalism> ..

Blue> Color> Visual Perception> Light> Electromagnetic Radiation> Energy> Physical System> Universe> Planets> Celestial Body> Entity> Abstraction> Process> Philosophy

Try it with any word! Looks like it definitely works.

Wikipedia says that this is due to the classification method employed by the writers where the first link in an article defines a broader topic that the current page is a part of. By this theory, everything eventually forms a subset of Philosophy.


Yet another interesting theory is that every word can be narrowed down to the number four. It’s called “The rule of Four”.

Let me demonstrate.

The word “chair” has five letters, the word “five” has four letters. And the word “four” has four letters.

Similarly, the word “albatross” has nine letters, and the word “nine” has four.

The word “pencil” has six letters, the word “six” has three letters, the word “three” has five letters and the word “five” has four letters.

Try it with any word.


Have you heard of any more theories along this theme? Do leave a comment!


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