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The Gashlycrumb Tinies is a gory, inappropriate children’s book, written by Edward Gorey in 1963. The book is a complete opposite to what children’s books usually are: merriment, fairy tales, and happy endings. This book, however, tells the one-line story of how 26 children meet their gruesome ends. It was one of the earliest black humor books written for children.

The books falls under the genre of abecedaries – practice exercises of the alphabet. Each child in the book is named for an alphabet and appears in the familiar alphabetical order. The book is also a poem, written in couplets, ie, following the rhyme scheme aabbcc.. 

The verses were accompanied by Gorey’s very own, crosshatched, brilliant, hand drawn illustrations for each character.

I remember reading it as a child for the first time, and laughing in enjoyment. I was probably five. When I rediscovered the book a couple of years later, I was mortified, and had my first, vivid nightmare that involved a dog and some stairs, that I could clearly recall was in black-and-white, a la sketches in the book. I lost the book shortly thereafter, and completely forgot about it till I found a wonderful, wonderful gif online, that prompted me to write this post in gristly nostalgia.


Cover page

Cover page

The enticing gif:





The End


I think I would prefer Death-V : Squashed under a train.

Which Gashlycrumb Tinie are you?



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  1. Amy K. Eoff

    I’m Amy, and I’ve not yet fallen down the stairs — at least not fatally!! Your blog came up in my search for “The Gashlycrumb Tinies” and yours is the best post I have found on the subject!
    I hope your Halloween/Samhain 2016 is blessed!

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