A Modern Cubicle Romance

He walked over to her cubicle on a hunch.
He had been right, she was out to lunch.
He squinted at the name tag and memorized her name.
To him, the word Kavita would never again mean the same.

He saw her everyday but he never spoke.
He adjusted his chair to peer till the lever broke.
He fixed his meetings to stay back late
For her shift was long and ended at eight.

She was too pretty and he was too shy,
Things stayed the same as the days went by.
Till one day, as he walked by her seat,
He saw her on his Facebook and his heart skipped a beat.

She came over that day and asked him out.
He knew they’d be married, beyond doubt.
They soon dreamed of perfection, of forever having a ball.
Of ending up in therapy; dog, kids, and all.


6 comments on “A Modern Cubicle Romance

  1. OttawaNarayana

    You have a flair for putting words in rhyme,
    I try that too, from time to time
    But the words I type, no particular meaning bespeak,
    Not that in my spoken word, 42, you could seek
    Pointlessly in rhyme, I meander on
    Trying to find a way to compliment your poem
    I wish I were a celebrity so I could publicize your blog
    But the least I’ll do is call my friends and show ’em


  2. Sharad

    Till one day she came over his desk and handed over her wedding invitation card…

    He turned his chair towards the other side, with poetry gone.. He immersed himself into sadhana

  3. Pushkar

    Really kick ass… loved it… for a second I thought she was gonna tell him that I am married or something…but this was good 🙂

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