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Eternal Longing

Waiting, watching, wanting every day I wonder why, but I cannot say. For something’s amiss, I know not where; There’s a kind of gloom in the air. Loving, leaving, loathing every day, Too disturbed to even pray. Nothing fascinates to the point of perspiration. Is there a sudden stroke...


The House of Undying Visions

A Song of Ice and Fire In the second book, A Clash of Kings, Daenerys enters the House of Undying with her dragon, Drogon. There, she sees a series of visions that seem to foretell the future, reveal the future that never was, and events from the past, albeit...


Large dogs, a list.

The Lovables It’s quite a known fact that large dogs make excellent pets. Giant dogs are wonderful pets. Most of them drool and shed, but make excellent, faithful companions. Because of their large size, they are naturally intimidating to strangers. Their voices also tend to be quite sonorous, and...