Monthly Archives: November 2012

Dysfunctional bats today

Today, I decided to test if it was safe for me to sit on a two wheeler. (Background info: I recently had a surgery on my lower back.) My dad decided to take me out on a short drive nearby. I’m in Coimbatore now, and our home is very...


Sisterly drama

Having a younger sister has its perks. You can place the blame on the little kid for your preteen mischiefs, and use her as a pretext to buy more ice cream. But the real trouble starts when your adorable little sister suddenly turns into an annoying brat that wants...


Ambling life’s big troubles

Following a rapid sequence of events which would make great fodder for another, exhilaratingly long blog post, I’ve ended up in India again, this time for a few months. Of all the god-forsaken places, I’ve ended up in Coimbatore. Don’t get me wrong, CBE is not that bad. That’s...