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Harry Potter Etymology- The Marauders and The Dursleys

It being Harry’s birthday, I decided to reprise my series once more. Today is about the people closest to his heart. Remus John Lupin(10th Mar 1960 -2nd May 1998, killed by Antonin Dolohov)-┬áThis is an easy connection to make. Romulus and Remus were the twin founders of Rome, who...


I, Grope, Rape, and the Indian Police

The first time I was touched, I was all of six years old. My then-best friend used to go back home in an auto rickshaw, and I, in a van. We used to play outside school while we waited with the other kids to go home. One day, my...


Misconception popping

Misconceptions are rampant everywhere, and people are usually aware of quite a few. Mythbusters played a major role in making many people feel secretly stupid. Some people go one step beyond and debunk the busted fact as another version of the myth. Some myths, however, are widespread and popular....