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I’m your typical,extremely absent-minded, girl-next-door, who shifts residences before you can blink. The name is Sandhya Ramesh. Someone once called me Sandy when I was two days old, and it stuck. Seven different people claim credit for it. I have a new-found love for coffee, and an eternal longing for a collie. I have the attention span of a flowering plant, I like being around people. I love traveling. I love the oxford comma more. I keep at least thirty-one drafts in my email, and fifteen in this blog at any given time. My mind is a clutter of incoherent thoughts and my babbling mostly reflects that. I pass off my bragging as self-deprecating humor, and suffer from bouts of insomnia. I haven’t found my favorite genre of writing yet, so please be patient with me. If you have opinions, suggestions, or just general remarks, do leave a comment. Criticism is appreciated too. I suppose.

I was born on the 23rd of August, and I’ve finally grown too old to be going around revealing my birth year. Please make note, my ideal birthday gift would be the latest phone that’s out on the market. Or a puppy.

Sandrova is my dad’s nickname for me. He has a habit of coming up with the most nonsensical nicknames for people, a trait which I’ve seemingly inherited. He used to watch a lot of women’s tennis back in the day (he claims it was because he liked the sport), and I guess he was inspired by Navratilova, Kournikova and the like.

I also smile in my mugshots:



21 comments on “About Me

  1. Tejas

    Ah! I see! I always thought Sandrova was just a hep, Brit/Boston accented way of saying Sand Rover (like the Mars Rover) 😀 No disrespect to your father’s honorable intentions, but I never got the Russian perspective. Good to know 🙂

    1. Sandrova

      Why, thank you, Ishma! I’m very flattered. 🙂

  2. Addison

    I really like your blog and posts. I also learn many new things from it. So thanks a lot share with me your great views. Keep it up….

  3. RK

    Your intro made me chuckle. Brilliant nickname from your father, I should say.

    1. Sandrova

      Yes. You’re the first one, though. 🙂 I’m quite sure you gave me the name.

  4. RC

    Interesting! Do the seven (or may be six) really like the name? You are wrong, I am not the first one of the 7. It’s just a nickname, hardly matters, just happens in a tiny moment of joy. Don’t think I ever “claimed” it, Sandy Baby.. 🙂 never felt the need to and anyway you seemed to know all about it.. Must have been your mother who told you.

  5. Andre C. James

    I’m addicted to your blog….but why have you stopped publishing? I love puppies too, I have a dachshund named Oliver and I’m somewhat of a scatterbrain. I love rooibos tea, it’s a bush tea indigenous to my native South Africa. I love your style of writing, your thought process is easy to follow. Take care Sandy and please do continue to write for us.. time permitting of course.

    1. Sandrova

      Need to revive the blog. Thank you!

  6. Subrat Pattnaik

    Yes, you are right. You have inherited your father’s traits. No fault of yours, neither your father’s as such traits too make the world interesting. So please keep on. I liked yours because I too, am quite whimsical & funny at times. Let us live our lives no matter what others say. Wow

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